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Title IX - Report of Concern

File a Report of an Incident

1. Online Notification Online submission goes directly to the Title IX Coordinator and
    is seen only by a small group of Title IX Administrators.

2. Contact a Title IX Administrator

Adam Finley 
Executive Dean, Student Services, 
Title IX Coordinator

LaTonya Hines
Assistant Director Admissions
Student Title IX 
Deputy Coordinator

Ralinda Stone
Director of Human Resources
Employee Title IX
Deputy Coordinator

3. If you need immediate help
Contact the College Police Department at 817-598-6316 or Dial 9-1-1. WCPD will help
    you complete a police report and begin a criminal investigation, reach out to the Title IX
    Coordinator, and assist you in coordinating any medical needs.

A Note on Preserving Evidence:
Preserve any physical evidence of violence, such as sheets, towels, clothing, etc. Because evidence of an assault can deteriorate quickly, you may want to seek a medical exam as soon as possible.

  • Do not disturb the scene of the crime.
  • Inform the nurse and/or the police of all details of the attack (no matter how intimate).
  • Save texts, emails, photos, etc.

4. Contact Confidential Reports