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Club/Organization Advisor(s) Office Number
Agricultural Club – provides organized recreation for its members and develops in them those traits of leadership and character that make for good citizenship and whole-some living.   817-598-6240
Anime Club – for students, faculty and staff interested in anime, animated films or shows that originated in Japan. Anime is commonly known for its colorful graphics and vibrant characters.  Larry Gillespie 817-598-6385
Art Club for students interested in Art.  Myrlan Coleman 817-598-6232
BASO (Black Awareness Student Organization)brings together all students on the campus with an emphasis on multicultural education and the promotion of a sense of high self-esteem and the individual importance of black students and all other minority students. Doug Jefferson  817-598-6247
C.A.R.E. (Caring and Responsible Educators) – open to anyone interested in the growth and development of young children. Sandra Hartnitt 817-598-6368
Coalition of Student Human Service Providersopen to all students interested in the field of social work and related professions. Workshops and speakers promote opportuni-ties for career exploration to club members. Eddie White 817-598-6322
College Choir – provides a recreational outlet for those interested in group singing. It is open to all students of the College. Several choir performances are given each year (e.g. Handle’s Messiah). Rob Laney 817-598-6327
Coyote Corpsorganization that promotes a positive atmosphere of school spirit, tradition and fellowship.    
C-SAW (College Students for an Accessible World) – brings together all students on the campus with an empha-sis on disability education and the promotion of a sense of high self esteem and the individual importance of disable students.   817-598-6350
Drama Club– formed for students who are interested in theatre. The Drama Department presents four main stage productions a year. Nancy McVean 817-598-6307
Forensic Science Clubfor students who enjoy CSI type TV shows and the scientific facts behind them.  Tim Poston 817-598-6450
Hispanos Unidos Club – brings together all students on the campus with an emphasis on multicultural education and the promotion of a sense of high self-esteem and the individual importance of Hispanic students and all other minority students. Marcelo Willcham 817-598-6324
International Student Organization (ISO) – promotes international understanding and friendship among both international and American students. Latonya Hines 817-598-6468
Jazz Bandcomprised of some of the state's finest jazz musicians. The band is nationally renowned and performs several times each year on campus and throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Cal Lewiston 817-598-6233
National Student Nurses Association (WCWC)assumes responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality of health care. Carin Adams 817-598-6437
Phi Theta Kappaa National Community College scholarship society. Eligibility for membership is based upon scholarship, character, leadership, and service. The charter of the local chapter dates back to 1929. Office: LART 101

Dr. Trey Jansen

Rad Tech Clubpromotes opportunities for social and academic interaction with Radiological Technology students, faculty and guest speakers in the field.    
Respiratory Care Clubfor students enrolled in the Respiratory Care program. The club provides opportunities for students to share mutual interest, ideas, and experien-ces related to the field of respiratory care. Tonya Edwards 817-598-6452
Science Club – is a student club that welcomes students from all departments who are currently enrolled at Weatherford College. This club allows students sharing a common interest in science to get together outside the classroom. Students will also have opportunities to join WC research groups, participate in field trips to parks, museums, star watch parties, and environmental/ecological tours. This club seeks to promote the students’ interests in the sciences. For more information, please contact club advisors. To join the Club’s group page, select HERE.

Dr. Allison Stamatis

Dr. Bishnu Twanabasu



Sonography Clubserves to enhance the education of present and future sonography students, as well as provide moral support and a problem solving forum for individual members. Jacqueline Bennett 817-598-8846
Student Government Association (SGA)is comprised of class and organizational representatives who serve as the student leadership and decision-making body on campus. Doug Jefferson 817-598-6247
Student Nurses Association – open to any Weatherford College student enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing program. Members must be in good academic standing, maintain a 2.0 GPA, and adhere to the ADN Code of Conduct. Professional and social activities are voted on during monthly meetings.    
Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) – an organization established to enhance the growth of student and professional development in the profession of Occupational Therapy at Weatherford College and surrounding communities.     
Student Vocational Nurses Associationprovides for fellowship among nursing students, and networking within the community; promotes vocational nursing; plans and promotes professional development activities; provides opportunities for club members to explore employment opportunities. The association is open to any Weatherford College student enrolled in the Vocational Nursing program.    
Texas Trophy Hunters Association (WC Chapter) – 
is open to all currently enrolled students who are interested in increasing their knowledge of deer hunting and manage-ment.

Paul Stone

Doug Jefferson



WC Squaredcultivates, promotes and maintains interest in cultural and service activities around Wise County. To educate about the importance of community involvement, and develop a spirit of collegiality among persons interested in building a better society here at Weatherford College.    
Criminal Justice Clubpromotes professional, academic, and public awareness of criminal justice issues. Promotes high standards of ethical conduct, professional training, and higher education within the criminal justice field. Tim Poston 817-598-6450
WC Young Democratsan organization open to any student with a serious interest in politics and the process of selecting our elected leaders. The organiza-tion meets on a regular basis to hear speakers and program presentations on civic engagement. While support-ing the ideas of local, state, and national Democratic groups, the WCYD exercises an open door policy to all political philosophies in the pursuit of raising the level of public discussion on important governmental issues. Lela Morris 817-598-6488
WC Young Republicans  a student organization open to any individual enrolled at the College. While supporting the ideas of Texas and national Republican Party organizations, this College group comes together for the purpose of promoting discussion of topics related to government and the political process. It is open to any student with an interest in these topics. Programs, speakers, and forums will be scheduled during the year to foster and encourage political dialogue.

Tom Wells

Christie Dayley




WC Stock Horse Club – is open to all students currently enrolled at Weatherford College.This club is designed to educate and provide exposure of related events to students interested in equine science as well as those interested in stock horse events at the collegiate level. David Farkas 817-598-6279
WC Veterans Organization – is open for all students interested in honoring our Veteran students and their family members. Activities include community service, participation in the Veterans' Day program on campus and the city-wide Veterans' Day Parade. Ralph Willingham 817-598-6248
Club/Organization Advisor(s) Office Number
Student Groups sponsored by Religious Organizations
Baptist Student Ministry Mark Nelson 817-599-3311
Wesley Foundation Kathie Meek 817-599-9696
Student groups sponsored by religious organizations under the supervision of their respective churches, or bona fide members thereof, are given a place on the campus, so long as their campus activities do not include promotion of their beliefs among non-members. Groups currently active on campus include the Wesley FoundationBaptist Student Mission (BSM) and the Trinity Bible College Ministry. These groups welcome students, regardless of faith or belief system, seeking spiritual knowledge.

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