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Club/Organization Advisor(s) Office Number
Agricultural Club Mike Brown 817-598-6240
Anime Club  Larry Gillespie 817-598-6385
Art Club Myrlan Coleman 817-598-6232
Black Awareness Student Organization Doug Jefferson  817-598-6247
Coalition of Student Human Service Providers Joe Reed  817-598-6322
College Choir Rob Laney 817-598-6327
Criminal Justice Club Tim Poston 817-598-6450
C-SAW   817-598-6350
Drama Club Nancy McVean 817-598-6307
Forensic Science Club  Tim Poston 817-598-6450
Hispanos Unidos Club Marcelo Willcham 817-598-6324
Intermedia Arts Club Doc Ballard 817-598-6408
International Student Organization Latonya Hines 817-598-6468
Jazz Band Cal Lewiston 817-598-6233
National Student Nurses Association Carin Adams 817-598-6437
Phi Theta Kappa   817-598-6404
Psychology Club   817-598-8869
Respiratory Care Club Tonya Edwards 817-598-6452
Sonography Club Jacqueline Bennett  
Student Government Association (SGA) Doug Jefferson 817-598-6247
Texas Trophy Hunters Association Paul Stone 817-598-6320
  Doug Jefferson 817-598-6247
Weatherford College Cheerleaders 
and Mascots
Doug Jefferson 817-598-6247
Weatherford College Young Republicans Tom Wells 817-598-6327
  Christie Dayley 817-598-8843
Weatherford College Stock Horse Club David Farkas 817-598-6279
  Mike Brown 817-598-6280
Weatherford College Veterans Organization Ralph Willingham 817-598-6248
Weatherford College Young Democrats Lela Morris 817-598-6488
  Nancy McVean 817-598-6307


Advisor(s) Office Number
Student Groups sponsored by Religious Organizations
Baptist Student Ministry Mark Nelson 817-599-3311
Wesley Foundation Katie Meek 817-599-9696

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