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Code of Ethics for Writing Center

Based on the philosophical foundations on which WC's Writing Center functions and on our commitment as tutors to respect students, faculty, ourselves, and the policies of Weatherford College, we strive to honor and practice the following principles:

  • To engage in a collaborative effort with students to improve writing. We do not edit or proofread. Instead, we work to encourage deep thinking, to help students analyze their own work.
  • To assist students in locating and correcting errors as we foster their understanding of the conventions of writing for various purposes.
  • To encourage students to do both the talking and writing. We resist inserting our own thoughts into the student writing process.
  • To provide feedback, response, and advice to encourage fresh ideas from students.
  • To provide access to scribe service when students demonstrate the need by referring them to the WC Special Populations office.
  • To refrain from discussing a grade a paper might receive or commiserating with students about grades or the specifics of classes. We strive to give positive feedback for specific aspects of writing. We understand that generalities such as "This is a great paper" may be misconstrued as a prediction of the grade a paper may receive, and we work to avoid such responses.
  • To be sensitive to the fact that students may come to the Center discouraged or insecure about their writing. Our goal is to be tactful but direct about the shortcomings of a piece of writing and to honestly point out its strengths.
  • To communicate to students that tutor access is time-limited; it is unlikely that every aspect of a paper will be thoroughly addressed during one session.
  • To recognize that the relationships encountered in the Center are friendly but professional. We do not share or ask for personal information. We recognize and respect the confidentiality of tutor-student sessions.
  • To honor and follow all WC policies. Tutors have the responsibility to alert students to writing that appears to be plagiarized. Information about appropriate citation methods, paraphrasing, and use of Internet sources will be provided. Tutors will report any instance of a paper that appear to be purposefully plagiarized to the Writing Center supervisor, and also may refuse to work further with the student
  • To welcome and respect Writing Center visitors of all belief systems and backgrounds.
  • To recognize that tutoring in the Writing Center is a serious responsibility which entails focused attention to the work and respect for the instructions of others.
  • To understand that we have the right to firmly decline service to disrespectful visitors.
  • To respect fellow tutors by assisting each other during difficult sessions.
  • To be attentive to the needs and abilities of our peers; we value and solicit the knowledge of other tutors.
  • To recognize that tutoring is fulfilling and exciting work.

Our goal is to make each tutoring session as interesting and individualized as the many students who visit the Weatherford College Writing Center.

Adapted from University of San Diego document