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Instructions for Using My Skills Tutor On-line Tutorial Program

Please Note: My Skills Tutor is available for all students who must be enrolled by an instructor
or administrator before they can access the program. Students can email Kathy Williams to be enrolled in the program. Once enrolled, a student can follow the instructions below to access the program.

NOTE: You might want to print these instructions before entering the site.

1.  Open a Web browser window. Navigate to the following website:

2.  Enter the following information:

  • User Name: Usually first initial and last name (no spaces). For example, the user name for Jane Doe would be jdoe.
  • Password: The password is usually your first name.
  • Site: weatherford03

3.  Next, choose an assignment.

4.  In the center of the page on the next screen, select "Choose an Assignment."  When the
     list of assignments comes up, choose an assignment.

5.  At the next screen, select the subject you need to work in.

6.  When the assignment screen comes up, select an activity.

  • The first activity in an assignment will be a Pretest. You should always take the pretest before beginning other activities. Take your time
    and do your best because you can only take the pretest one time. You may not repeat it to improve your score.
  • After completing the pretest, begin working in the other activities. These activities may be repeated several times to improve your scores.
  • After completing all activities in an assignment, you should take the Post Test.
  • When you finish one assignment completely, go on to the next one.

7.  When you are ready to exit the program, close out any activity boxes and click "Log Out"
     on the left side menu.

8.  Close the Web browser window.

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Learning and Study Strategies Inventory

(LASSI) 2nd Edition
The Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) is designed to gather information about learning and study practices and attitudes. Upon submission and approval of your institution number, 80 statements will be presented that relate to your knowledge of these areas. If you
are ready to begin, locate the following URL with your web browser:

Please note the above URL is different from H&H Publishing Company’s main web site address.

This URL will direct you to a web page that contains directions for taking the LASSI. After you have read these directions, you must enter your school number to continue. Your school number along with your user name and password can be obtained by calling the Success Connection at 817-598-6278.

After entering this information, the next screen to appear will be the LASSI assessment. You
must enter your first name and last name into the spaces provided for the page to be submitted correctly. The ID and e-mail fields are optional.

You will be asked to respond to 80 statements. To help you decide which responses to select,
we would like to explain what is meant by each option.

  • By Not at all typical of me, we do not necessarily mean that the statement would never describe you, but that it would be true of you only in rare instances.
  • By Not very typical of me, we mean that the statement generally would not be true
    of you.
  • By Somewhat typical of me, we mean that the statement would be true of you about half of the time.
  • By Fairly typical of me, we mean that the statement would generally be true of you.
  • By Very much typical of me, we do not necessarily mean that the statement would always describe you, but that it would be  true of you almost all of the time.

After completing all the items and successfully submitting the results, a two-page report will be displayed listing your scores for each scale, together with your name, institution, date of admini-
stration, and an explanation of your results. You may print a copy of the results for your records.

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