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Developmental Reading & Writing Program

Achieving academic success is not an easy task. Many students – including those coming to college later in life – may need to improve their basic skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking to achieve success in core curriculum.

Having a strong background in reading and writing techniques enables students to more easily handle the requirements of a college education.

Developmental reading and writing courses are designed to provide students with the skills they need to succeed in future academic endeavors, and dedicated instructors work to continually improve students’ strategies and techniques to ensure academic success. In February 2011, after a 5-year review and application process, the Weatherford College Reading and Writing Program received national recognition and was certified by the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE), becoming one of approximately 45 institutions nationwide to achieve this honor.

Students taking developmental reading and/or developmental writing courses are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor before enrolling.

Reading Advisors:  Rhonda Torres (LART 1)

Reading & Writing Advisors:  Shannon Stoker (Streib)

Reading & Writing Instructor: Shannon Stoker (Streib)