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Instructional Support

The goal of Instructional Support is to provide students with the skills, resources, and experiences needed to succeed in college. Under the guidance of Rhonda Torres, Dean of Teacher Education & Instructional Support and Ann Marshall, Coordinator of Instructional Support, our area continues to grow to meet the needs of an ever-increasing student population at Weatherford College.

Tutors in all our centers are CRLA certified. The Developmental Reading & Writing Program at Weatherford College provides courses designed to improve students’ basic skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking, giving students a strong foundation on which to build their educational career. Having a strong background in reading and writing techniques will enable students to more easily handle the requirements of a college education. The Developmental Reading & Writing Program offers Advising, Reading Courses, Writing Courses and to help students progress through the developmental sequence more quickly. Contact the Coordinator of Instructional Support for more information.

The Success Connection, located on the lower level of the Liberal Arts building, is a tutoring lab where students come to receive help in completing homework assignments. Computers are provided with current Microsoft Office software to allow students to complete word processing, spreadsheet, database and PowerPoint assignments. Math tutors are on site during all open hours and tutors for Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy, Psychology, Spanish, and History are also available on a limited basis.

The Success Connection offers study strategies inventories that help students determine their own learning styles and provide techniques for improving study habits. Workshops are available to help students improve study skills and prepare for admissions assessments such as the COMPASS, THEA, AND TEAS. Stop by the Success Connection and see what we can do to help you succeed.

The Writing Center, located in LART 118, is open to all students who need help with writing assignments of any kind, regardless of discipline. Certified tutors are ready to help students with all stages of the writing assignment, including reading. Students coming to the Writing Center need to bring all assignment sheets, reading texts, research materials, prewriting, and rough drafts pertaining to the assignment.