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Student's Right & Responsibility

Rights and Responsibilities

Weatherford College students neither gain nor lose any of the rights and responsibilities of other citizens by virtue of their student status. They are subject to the same federal, state, and local laws as non-students, and they are the beneficiaries of the same safeguards of individual rights as non-students.

As members of the WC community, students are subject to the rules and regulations of the College. Students retain the responsibility of citizenship upon enrollment in the College District. The College District expects that each student will conduct himself or herself in a manner compatible with the College District's function as an educational institution. Regardless of place of residence, each student must observe all federal, state, and applicable local laws both on and off campus. Any student who violates any provision of these laws is subject to disciplinary action, includes expulsion, notwithstanding action taken by civil authorities on account of the violation.

Acquaintance with Policies, Rules and Regulations

Each student is expected to be fully acquainted with all published policies, rules, and regulations of the College, copies of which shall be available to each student for review at the Student Services Office. The College holds each student responsible for compliance with these policies, rules, and regulations.

The student is responsible for obtaining and understanding published materials to update the items in this code. Students are also expected to comply with all federal, state and local laws. This principle extends to conduct off campus which is likely to have an adverse effect on the College or on the educational process.

Student Code of Conduct and Procedure for Discipline

The mission of Weatherford College is to provide an opportunity for education to all its students. In order to achieve this mission, it is important to define a standard or a code of conduct for behavior which will enable students to work together and with the faculty, staff and administration in a positive manner. The following regulations have been established by the College staff and approved by the governing board of Weatherford College and will apply to on College property, any College sponsored or sanctioned activities, and any off campus behavior which reflects on the mission of the College.

Enrollment at Weatherford College is not compulsory. The voluntary entrance of a student into the College means that the student also voluntarily assumes obligations of performance and behavior reasonably imposed by the College. The discipline of students at Weatherford College is, in all but the case of expulsion, a part of the educational process. Disciplining students is intended to be instructional and to help them ultimately to discipline themselves.

Weatherford College is an institution of higher learning. The rules and regulations are designed to ensure optimal conditions for learning for all students. The standard or code of conduct for students is seen as a foundation of behavior rather than arbitrary limits on behavior.

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