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Crime & Prevention

Policy and Procedures for Reporting Crime

Students, faculty, staff, and individuals should immediately report criminal activity (including sex offenses) or emergencies that occur on the college campus in one of the following manners.


Dial 9-1-1 from any campus telephone or dial 9-1-1 from any of the pay phones located throughout the campus. An emergency phone call may include information on:

  • a crime in progress
  • a medical emergency
  • an intoxicated person
  • suspicious person(s)
  • the smell of gas


Please direct all non-emergency calls to the Weatherford College Police Department office at
817-594-1741 or the duty phone at 817-538-0512. If you choose to come by the W.C.P.D., we are located in the lobby area of Couts Hall. You, as an individual, are encouraged to report all crimes (or alleged crimes) by using any of the above methods.

A student, faculty, staff, or individual may also report a campus crime though Parker County Crime Stoppers at 817-599-5555. You may remain anonymous when reporting crimes to Parker County Crime Stoppers.

Crime Statistices Disclosure

The Weatherford College Police Chief is responsible for the annual crime statistics disclosure and for making timely warnings.

Timely Warnings

The Weatherford College Police Department will provide timely warnings to the campus commu-
nity by posting crime alert notices when a crime is considered to be a threat or a continuing threat to the students, faculty members, or the college community. The W.C.P.D. will post crime alerts:

  • On campus bulletin boards
  • Send notification through Coyote Alert / if student signed up for notification
  • Send notification through email system

Security of Campus Facilities and Campus Access

The Weatherford College campus is an open campus. It is surrounded on all sides by public streets. However, at 10:30 p.m. the W.C.P.D. closes three north and one south gate entryways. This forces all vehicular traffic to use the main entry. Only authorized students, faculty, staff, and visitors may enter upon or use the college facilities. The college facilities are controlled through the use of written policies and state law. Key control is established by college policy and access to building master keys is restricted.

Weatherford College Police Officers and Security Officers regularly patrol the grounds and buildings. Weatherford College maintenance personnel are also concerned with the safety and security of the campus community. Lighting surveys are conducted on a regular basis to locate any problem areas. In conjunction with this survey, Campus Police Officers and Security Officers also check for lighting deficiencies.

The W.C.P.D. continually provides security surveys of college grounds and facilities. Facilities with fire alarms are monitored by routine patrol.

Campus residence halls are supervised by trained staff and assisted by the W.C.P.D., which is located in Coyote Hall. Resident students are trained in fire safety (fire drills) and severe weather (tornado drills).

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Campus Law Enforcement

The jurisdiction of the Weatherford College Police Department includes the counties of Parker, Palo Pinto, and Wise, the Weatherford College main campus, Education Center at Mineral Wells and Decatur and Agriculture farms. W.C.P.D. commissioned Police Officers are fully empowered by the State of Texas and have the authority to stop vehicles, make arrests, and enforce all laws throughout Parker, Palo Pinto, and Wise counties. W.C.P.D. has a cooperative and Mutual Aid Agreement with the following agencies:

  • Parker County Sheriff

Crime Prevention Programs

The Weatherford College Police Department is a pro-active department. The department has developed several informational programs to inform both students and employees about security procedures and encourages individual responsibility for personal and community safety. These programs are presented on an annual basis. The department has also designed and implemented several crime prevention programs to help make the community members aware of pro-active crime prevention efforts that are available to them. These prevention programs include:

  • Weatherford College Date Data
  • SDT

Off-Campus Crime Activitiy

Officially recognized student organizations located off campus are monitored by local law enforcement agencies. All crime activities taking place at this location are also reported to the W.C.P.D. per the Mutual Aid Agreement.

Alcohol/Controlled Substances

The Weatherford College campus is an alcohol/drug free zone. The use of intoxicating beverages is prohibited. State and Federal laws shall be strictly enforced at all times on all property controlled by the college regarding the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages. No student shall possess, use, transmit, or attempt to possess, use, or transmit or be under the influence of (legal intoxication not required) any of the following substances during any school term:

Any controlled substance or dangerous drug as defined by law, including but not limited to marijuana, any narcotic drug, hallucinogen, stimulant, depressant, amphetamine, or barbiturate.

  • Any alcoholic beverage.
  • Any glue, aerosol paint, or any other volatile chemical substance for inhalation.
  • Any other toxicant, or mood-changing, mind-altering, or behavior-altering drugs.
  • The transmittal, sale, or attempted sale of what is represented to be any of the above listed substances is also prohibited under this policy.
  • A student who uses a drug authorized by a licensed physician through a prescription specifically for that student

Alcohol/Drug Counseling and Treatment Center

The Weatherford College Office of Student Affairs has implemented an alcohol/drug abuse program. Through this program both students and employees can receive counseling on the effects of drugs; alcohol and drug abuse; how to avoid being caught in the alcohol/drug trap; prevention tips; and treatment. Student Affairs counselors can provide information on self-referrals, supervisory, and department referrals. As with most Texas colleges and universities, Weatherford College also has licensed counselors. These counselors hold confidentiality to the highest limit of the law and can make referrals or hold individual therapy sessions. Counselors may make referrals to these outside agencies:

  • Abode Treatment, Inc. / 817-246-8677
  • Al-Anon Answering Service / 817-336-2492
  • Al-Anon World Service Office / 800-356-9996
  • Alcohol & Drug Information National Clearinghouse (CSAP) / 800-729-6686
  • Alcohol & Drug Referral Line / 800-821-4357
  • American Council on Alcoholism / 800-527-5344
  • Drug Abuse Hotline / 800-662-4357
  • Drug-Free Workplace Helpline (CSAP) / 800-843-4971
  • Narcotics Anonymous World Service Office / 818-773-9999
  • National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence, Inc. Hopeline / 800-622-2255
  • Shoreline 800-628-3265
  • Star Council on Substance Abuse / 800-375-1395 / 254-965-5515
  • Summer Sky / 888-857-8857
  • Tarrant Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse / 817-332-6329

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