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Accommodations / Disabilities Office

The Office of Accommodations and Disabilities (located in Student Services) serves students
who have documented learning and physical disabilities. To help students succeed in the regular academic life of the college, the counselor studies the provided documentation and makes an accommodation plan with the student. The accommodation plan may include: peer tutoring, interpreting for the deaf and note taking. 

If you have a disability and desire to attend Weatherford College, your point of first contact will
be the Office of Accommodations/Disabilities. The Office of A/D exists to assist students with documented disabilities as they pursue their goal of a college education. The office serves as
a liaison between students and the college in matters of communication and action toward achievement of reasonable accommodations. Each student is encouraged to act as his or her
own advocate, and take the major responsibility for securing accommodations. The Office of
A/D provides students with the voluntary and confidential means to seek accommodations for academic and related needs. Early and regular contact will assure the timely identification of needed services and the location of resources and options available to the student.

Students who receive accommodations are graded on the same standards and complete the
same curriculum requirements as other degree-seeking candidates.

Eligibility for Services

Eligibility for disability services at Weatherford College is dependent upon the nature of the disability and its impact on learning. A disability is defined as any mental or physical condition
that substantially limits an individual’s ability to perform one or more major life activities. These disabilities may be: physical, visual or auditory, neurological or psychological in nature, and also include chronic health problems and learning and communication disorders.

Location of the Office of Accommodations / Disabilities

The Office of A/D is located in Student Services-upper level. Due to the high volume of students who receive services through this office it is highly recommended that students make appoint-
ments with the counselor in the Office of Accommodations and Disabilities located in Students Services or call 817-598-6350.

Support for Students with Disabilities

Through the effort of the counselor in the Office of Accommodations and Disabilities, students
who are registered with a disability are encouraged to make an appointment with Career Services. Career Services will help the students to format a resume, review job openings, and prepare for interviews.

High School vs. College

Anxious about the differences between high school and college? Here is a list of some comparisons between disability services provided in high school and college.

High School College
Services are provided. Services are sought by student.
School staff or parent is advocate. Student is advocate.
Annual review & IEP No annual review or IEP
Regular parent contact. Parent contact only through student consent.
Entitlement law (IDEA) Anti-discrimination law (ADA)
Educational and psychological testing provided. Educational and psychological testing is not provided.

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