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Board of Trustees Agenda - April 9, 2015



              April 9, 2015

                      2 p.m.


A meeting of the Board of Trustees of Weatherford College will be held on Thursday, April 9, 2015 beginning at 2 p.m. in the Strain Room of the Doss Student Center, located at 225 College Park Drive, Weatherford, Texas, to consider and act on the following agenda:

  1.  Call to Order and Invocation
  2.  Open Forum for Individuals Not on the Agenda
  3.  President’s Report:
     a.  Recognitions
     b.  Employee Notices
     c.  Budget Workshop Date
  4.  Approval of Minutes from the February 12, 2015 Board Meeting
  5.  Consideration and Possible Action: Cancel May 9 Board of Trustees Election
     and Declare Candidates Elected
  6.  Consideration and Possible Action: 2014-15 Budget Amendment #1
  7.  Consideration and Possible Action: Annual Review of CAK (Local) Policy
     Appropriations and Revenue Sources – Investments
  8.  Consideration and Possible Action: #SB-10-15 High-Fidelity Manikins for
     Nursing Innovation Grant

  9.  Consideration and Possible Action: #SB-01-16 Science Equipment and Supplies

  10.  Consideration and Possible Action: Laboratory, Testing, Insurance and Incidental Fees

  11.  Consideration and Possible Action on Disposal of Obsolete and Surplus Items through
     E-waste Recycling and Online Auction

  12.  Reports:
     a.  Utility Easements for Morningstar
     b.  Financial Reports Ending January 31, February 28 and March 31, 2015
     c.  Quarterly Investment Report

  13.  Future Agenda Items or Meetings:
     a.  Preliminary Budget Report

  14.  Announcements

  15.  Closed Session:
     a. Consult with the College Attorney, in Accordance with Government Code 551.071
     b. Deliberate Real Property in Accordance with Government Code 551.072

  16.  Adjourn