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Allison Stamatis named 2015 Faculty Member of the Year

Allison Stamatis named 2015 Faculty Member of the Year.

Dr. Allison Stamatis, Associate Professor of Natural Sciences, was caught by surprise during the recent Weatherford College commencement ceremony when she was announced as the 2015 Faculty Member of the Year.

“I was incredibly surprised to receive this award,” Stamatis said. “I was and still am, a little bit in shock to receive such an honor. The people who have been selected for this award in the past are colleagues who I hold in very high regard, so I do not take such an honor lightly.”

Like the 15 other nominees, Stamatis knew her name was in the running, but she was completely unaware she had been chosen for the award. The 2014 Faculty Member of the Year, Scott Williams, presented her with the award after giving away the winner’s identity bit by bit through student comments.

“This was hands down the class I was dreading the most to take, but I have learned a lot and loved this class,” he quoted one student.

“She is one of the best instructors I’ve had at WC. She made learning so much easier,” he quoted another student. “There you go, I have narrowed it down by gender.”

He went on to narrow down the field to the biology department before announcing Stamatis as the winner.

Allison Stamatis“I loved the way that Scott Williams presented the award: he kept everyone in suspense by slowly giving clues about the recipient,” Stamatis said.

Stamatis has worked at WC for seven years and has quickly become a well-respected instructor by both her coworkers and her students. She said her favorite part of each academic year is watching her students walk across the stage at graduation.

“I am so proud of all that they have accomplished, and I am privileged to play a part in that success,” she said.

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Stamatis goes beyond what is required of her as an instructor in the classroom. This past spring semester she spearheaded Weatherford College’s first Earth Day celebration. Students, faculty, staff and the community enjoyed visiting with local organizations promoting environmentally-friendly products while some of her students displayed projects on how WC can become a greener campus.

“We all play a pivotal role in holding ourselves to a higher standard to take care of our precious environmental resources,” Stamatis said. “It was so reassuring to see our students, faculty, staff, administration and Parker County community members come together for this event.

“In collaboration with the City of Weatherford, I was also able to get a recycling program implemented on the Weatherford campus. The college was also very supportive of this endeavor, and I hope to see it continue and grow.”

Her title of Faculty Member of the Year comes with airfare for two to the U.S. destination of her choice and the $1,000 Gayle and Wanda Grant Award of Teaching Excellence, both provided by the Weatherford College Foundation.

Since her family already has this summer’s vacation mapped out, Stamatis plans on holding on to the prize until the following year and take an ecotourism vacation to a tropical rainforest.

“It is so generous of the Weatherford College Foundation to provide me with a cash honorarium and plane tickets,” she said. “We look forward to hiking, scuba diving and spending time outdoors enjoying nature, all while treading lightly on the environment and giving back to the local economy to support the area’s ecology.”

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