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Student Testing Guidelines

May 15 – June 1 Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
June 5 – August 17 Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

At Weatherford College, we have attempted to take the anxiety out of testing and to create an environment that is conducive to your success. As a partner in this, we need for you to adhere to the following guidelines and procedures:

   1.  You must present a valid photo I.D. This may include a current driver’s license or state issued
        ID card, WC student I.D., current alien registration/passport, or military I.D. You will not be
        allowed to take a test without proper identification. Expired ID's are not valid.

   2.  You must be ready to take your test when you arrive in the testing center. Studying in the
        waiting area is not allowed. 

   3.  You do not have to make an appointment to test UNLESS you require special accommoda-
        tions. Contact the Office of Disabilities at 817-598-6350 to schedule.

   4.  All students taking on-line tests must know their user name and password to sign on to
        their class.

   5.  If your instructor allows e-readers or laptops for books, you must bring your own device.

   6.  Food, drinks, or tobacco products are NOT allowed.

   7.  Children, friends or family are NOT allowed in the testing center or waiting area.

   8.  All tests will be collected at the end of the time limit designated by your instructor, and/or
        at closing time.

   9.  All tests must be started at least one hour prior to the closing of the center.

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 10.  If a second attempt is allowed, it must be done immediately after the first attempt. You may
        not leave then come back for the second attempt.

 11.  All personal items (pockets must be emptied) must be placed in lockers before entering the
        testing room.

 12.  Cell phones, pagers, iPods and other electronic devices must be turned off completely and
        placed in lockers before entering the testing room. No personal items are allowed at your
        desk or computer under any circumstances.

 13.  Watches and Fit Bits must be removed and placed in a locker.

 14.  Only approved calculators may be used. Calculators on cell phones are not allowed.

 15.  Students will be monitored by video surveillance cameras continually during testing.

 16.  No breaks will be allowed during the administration of a test. Once a test begins, you may
        not leave the room unless you have requested special accommodations.

 17.  Only one test will be administered at a time.

 18.  Scratch paper will be provided by the testing center.
        -  Scratch paper must be turned in with the test.
        -  No scratch paper will be allowed to leave the testing center.

 19.  Academic Dishonesty will not be tolerated. All cases of academic dishonesty will be reported
        to the Director of Testing, the Executive Dean of Student Services, the course instructor,
        and respective dean. Please refer to the Academic Integrity Policy section in the Student
for disciplinary actions.

 20.  Things you should know and/or bring when coming to the testing center:
        - Your username and password for online courses.
        - Your course name.
        - Your instructor’s name and test number.
        - Any material authorized by your instructor.
        - A scantron or blue book, if required. Blue books cannot be reused.

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Rev: 03/27/17