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ECGB Testing Center - Granbury

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Guidelines and Procedures:

  • The Testing Center is available by APPOINTMENT ONLY!  A 24-business hour notice is REQUIRED.
  • Appointments are not scheduled when the office is closed.
  • Send an email to to schedule a testing appointment.
  • To schedule a course exam, include the Course ID in the subject line of your email.
  • To schedule a TSI exam, include TSI in the subject line.
  • All course exams must begin no later than 1-hour prior to closing and completed by the posted closing time; see Hours.
  • Students MUST arrange make-up texts with instructor BEFORE scheduling tests.
  • Have your valid I.D. in hand upon arrival for the exam. (Current driver’s license or state issued ID card, WC student I.D., current alien registration/passport, or military I.D.) Tests will not be administered without proper identification. Expired I.D.'s are not valid.
  • Students taking exams for online courses must know their user name and password to sign in to the computer and CANVAS classroom.
  • Children, friends, or family are NOT allowed in the testing center or waiting area.
  • Food, drinks, or tobacco products are NOT allowed.
  • All tests will be collected at the conclusion of the time designated by your instructor, and/or at closing time.
  • Turn all devices off prior to your appointment.
  • See instructor syllabus for approved calculators or any items needed for your exam.
  • No breaks will be allowed during the administration of a test. Once a test begins, you may not leave the room unless you have requested special accommodations.
  • Only one test will be administered at a time.
  • Scratch paper will be provided by the testing center. No scratch paper will be allowed to leave the testing center. Scratch paper must be turned in with the test.
  • Academic Dishonesty will not be tolerated. The Testing Center is video monitored. All cases of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Executive Director of Student Engagement, the course instructor, and respective dean. Please refer to the Academic Integrity Policy section in the college catalog for disciplinary actions.
  • If you require A.D.A. Accommodations, you MUST make arrangements with the Office of Disabilities prior to your appointment, as well as schedule the appointment with the testing center.

REV: 01/11/19