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Foreign Credential Evaluation Information

If you have foreign High School credentials and need to show proof of U.S. High School equivalency, you will need to obtain a General evaluation through an approved evaluation agency.

*NOTE: Weatherford College does not endorse any particular agency for evaluation services. However, in an effort to streamline the evaluation process, SpanTran is offering discounted pricing and quick turnaround timing for WC students that use the below link to request evaluation services.

SpanTran - Weatherford College

You can use ANY evaluation agency from the NACES website to obtain an evaluation.

An evaluation is optional for students with college/university coursework from outside the U.S. for ADMISSION PURPOSES.  However, it may be required for other departments within Weatherford College.  Also, if you are seeking transfer credit from college/university coursework from outside the U.S., you will be required to obtain a Course-by-Course evaluation from an approved evaluation agency.

Make sure with any evaluation, high school and/or college/university, you provide Weatherford College with a copy of your transcripts/certificates/diplomas along with an evaluation report from the evaluation agency.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the International Office via email: