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Admissions Checklist

Weatherford College is an open enrollment institution. *Eligible students who have completed the application process and have submitted all documents are accepted.

(*Eligibility is defined as: a graduate of an accredited high school, home school, one who has completed a GED, a transfer student in good standing with the previous institution or a previous WC student in good standing.)

Admission to Weatherford College is open to qualified individuals under the following conditions:

• By high school graduation,

• By the General Education Development Credential (GED), or

• By meeting individual approval guidelines: not graduated from high school, not enrolled in high school or home school, 18 years of age or older and his or her high school class has graduated.

• High School Graduates and College Transfer Students will be admitted as regular students under conditional acceptance for one semester pending acceptance of all required documents including official transcripts.

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