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Veterinary Technology

Mission Statement:

The Veterinary Technology program educates students to advance health and wellness for all species with compassion, curiosity and commitment to evidence-based medicine. Student through their learning and active citizenship will enable animals and humans in their communities to live healthier lives.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Utilize knowledge and interpersonal skills to educate clients and communicate with colleagues.
  2. Obtain, process, analyze, and record accurate multi-modal diagnostic information.
  3. Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and act in a professional and ethical manner in accordance with AVMA and NAVTA Guidelines.
  4. Recognize the principles and demonstrate the methods of disease control.
  5. Perform selected animal nursing, laboratory procedures, diagnostic imaging, and dentistry techniques.
  6. Identify and understand the pharmacology and effects of drugs and therapeutic substances in various animal species.
  7. Safely and effectively administer prescribed drugs to patients.
  8. Accurately dispense and explain prescribed drugs to clients.
  9. Operate and maintain veterinary equipment and facilities.
  10. Provide proficient animal husbandry, medical, and surgical care.
  11. Safely and effectively manage patients in all phases of anesthetic procedures.
  12. Safely and effectively select, utilize and maintain anesthetic delivery and monitoring instruments and equipment.
  13. Understand and integrate all aspects of patient management for common surgical procedures in a variety of animal species.
  14. Understand and provide the proper instruments, supplies, and environment to maintain asepsis during surgical procedures.
  15. Apply organizational principles and practices that permit a facility to provide quality patient care and client service.
  16. Take exams and complete licensing at the state and national level.

All prospective students will need to complete an application for admission to Weatherford College at and be prepared to submit any transcripts and/or TSI scores, as well.

Students completing the program will earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree. In addition, they will be prepared to take the state and national examinations in order to become Licensed Veterinary Technicians.