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Veterinary Assisting Program

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The Weatherford College Veterinary Assisting Program is a 10-month curriculum, beginning in
the fall of each year,  comprised of classroom, laboratory, and clinical learning experiences. The course of study is comprised of 31 semester-credit hours and is designed to prepare individuals
for careers as entry-level veterinary assistant. 

The Veterinary Assisting program prepares student to work alongside veterinarians and veterinary technicians. The program teaches students how to properly handle animals for exams, prep animals for anesthesia and surgery, collect and analyze clinical specimens and care for animals undergoing treatment by a veterinarian. The student will also gain knowledge of common disease conditions and their treatment.

Admission to Weatherford College does not guarantee admission into the Veterinary Assisting program. Students admitted into the Veterinary Assisting program are selected on the basis of admission to the college, reading level, math ability, critical thinking skills, history of working with animals, and the desire to work with animals in a health care setting. 

Contact Information:

Dr. Kathryn Garofalo, Program Director 
Agricultural Science Center  / 817-599-7109