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Law Enforcement Academy

Law Enforcement Academy group at attention.

The LEA offers two full-time, 6-month, day academies and one part-time, 8-month, night academies a year at the Weatherford College campus.

LEA instructors are drawn from throughout the region, selected from those with current experience in various specializations and a strong desire to give the benefits of their knowledge to the emerging workforce. LEA instruction is heavy on law, criminal and police procedure, and extensive study outside the classroom is strongly suggested.

The LEA is designed to function as a law enforcement agency in order to facilitate learning of police procedure, and cadets are divided into “shifts” with cadet officers appointed to serve within the chain of command. In addition to teamwork and camaraderie, cadets must learn to embrace the ethical and professional behavior expected of modern law enforcement officers both on- and off-duty, in and out of uniform, and will thus be held to high standard during the Academy. The Basic Peace Officer Course is eligible for the VA and Hazelwood (Texas Vets) assistance for qualified applicants.

Applicants interested in acceptance into the Law Enforcement Academy must contact the LEA office in advance to obtain entrance requirements. Among other requirements, LEA applicants must pass a criminal background check, physical exam, psychological exam, and drug screen prior to acceptance.