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Fire Science Technology

Students working on an active fire

Weatherford College offers two A.A.S. degree tracts as well as a Texas Commission on Fire Protection approved basic structural firefighter academy. The fire academy provides the basic training for students wanting to become firefighters. Upon successful completion of the fire academy, students have the option to enter into one of the two A.A.S. degree programs utilizing the semester credit hours awarded within the fire academy program. The Fire Protection and Safety Technology A.A.S. degree gives students an expanded knowledge base to help them improve as firefighters. The Fire Services Administration A.A.S. degree helps prepare the firefighter for their move into supervision and/or helps the supervisor improve in their role as an administrator.

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From the Director of Fire Science Technology

The Fire Science Technology program at Weatherford College prepares students to become competent practitioners in the fire service. WC's comprehensive program also provides current professionals with continuing education opportunities for career enhancement.

All courses are developed and presented with the approval of the Weatherford College Fire Science Technology Advisory Committee, comprised of fire service professionals and interested citizens in the college's service area. Weatherford College is also in a partnership with the City of Weatherford Fire Department to provide quality fire training and education.

Weatherford College graduates work for and have secured positions with an assortment of local, county, and fire service agencies.

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Fire Science Technology Mission Statement

To assist the career, volunteer, and industrial fire protection and emergency services throughout Texas to deal effectively with the social, economic, and technical aspects of fire and emergency response and to enhance their professionalism and capabilities to protect Texas from the devastation of fire, environmental, natural and man-made emergencies by providing state of the art education, training, resources, certification and leadership.

Associates of Applied Science Degrees

Graduates of the A.A.S. degree program may find career opportunities in fire administration, fire protection, code inspection, and fire education. These positions are located in rural and metropolitan fire services, municipalities, and government agencies at the local and state levels.

Fire Services Administration

This degree lays the groundwork for your move into supervision. Some of the topics covered include: fundamentals of fire protection, public education programs, firefighting strategies and tactics, legal aspects of fire protection, and capstone course fire administration.

Fire Protection and Safety Technology / Technician

This degree is designed to introduce the student to the world of firefighting and/or to enhance the skills and education of career firefighters. Some of the topics covered include: fire prevention codes and inspections, firefighter health and safety, building codes and construction, fire chemistry, fire and arson investigation, and a internship capstone fire protection and safety technology/technician course.

Program Outcomes

  • Provide the student with a broad based technical education
  • Provide students with the marketability for employment
  • Provide students the tools and skills to become a state certified firefighter
  • Provide students with critical thinking skills related to fire administration or student internship
  • Provide the student with fire elective courses that will foster the students path toward his/her career path
  • Provide the student with the general education courses for success in written/oral communication, computation, governmental systems, general science skills, and humanities

Fire Science Internet Courses

Is your fire department schedule keeping you from completing your degree? Not anymore! Many courses needed to complete your degree are as close as your computer. Log on the web for more information:

Admission to Fire Science Technology Program

Admission to Weatherford College does not guarantee selective admission to the Fire Science program. The number of students admitted to this program is limited. Students admitted to the Fire Science program are selected on the basis of admission to the college, reading level, math ability, prior educational achievements. For specific application information and deadlines, contact the Fire Science program director or the academic counselor.

Fire Science Instructors

Our fire science technology degree instructors have current or past firefighting experience. Instructors vary in rank and tenure and competently provide quality education to degree seeking students.

For further Information, contact:

David B. Anderson, M.S.
Degree Program Coordinator

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