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Emergency Medical Services Professions

The Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Emergency Medical Service Paramedic is designed for students seeking a broad program of study in EMS Paramedic. EMS personnel are finding an ever-increasing number of applications for the training and experience they possess, but moving into these areas requires an expanded and comprehensive education beyond the basic training of EMS certificate programs. The purpose of this degree program is to provide the expanded education necessary for the future licensed paramedic. The EMS associate’s degree plan provides students with a comprehensive educational package. The primary emphasis of this degree program is the development of professional attitudes, reasoning / analytical capabilities, and patient care skills. The future of EMS as an in-demand health care profession is bright. Graduates may find employment as pre-hospital paramedics, emergency department technicians, EMS educators, and EMS managers. Additional opportunities for graduates are developing in health and safety engineering, and public health.