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Semester Credit Hour Requirements

Category Semester Credit Hours
General Education Core Curriculum 42
Required Courses 30 (ORGL)
Prescribed Electives 45 (Occupational Specific/Business Electives)
Free Electives 3 (Electives)


Rubric Title Description
ORGL 3311 Issues in Organizational Leadership This course offers a survey of contemporary and emerging issues with a focus on the application of leadership concepts to recommend action.
ORGL 3321 Leadership & Decision Making This course focuses on developing insight in decision making and how to make effective and ethical leadership decisions across a variety of contexts.
ORGL 3322 Behavior, Ethics and Leadership

The purpose of this course is to examine the intersection of applied ethics and leadership to promote reflection, dialogue, and a deeper understanding of how to be an ethical leader.

ORGL 3323 Leading High Performance Teams This course explores the principles and practices that form the basis of high performance teamwork.
ORGL 3324 Leadership, Conflict, & Negotiation This course blends theoretical and applied analyses of interpersonal conflict and negotiation – key competencies for leaders at every level.
ORGL 4341 Leadership Theory I This course provides an introduction to foundational theories and approaches to organizational leadership.
ORGL 4342 Leadership Theory II This course is a continuation of Leadership Theory I, with a focus on the application of leadership theory to organizational problems and challenges.
ORGL 4343 Leading Change This course is designed to help leaders prepare for their role as implementers and agents of organizational change.
ORGL 4344 Leading in a Digital Economy This course explores the impact of the digital economy on business and how leaders can utilize the power of digital technologies to improve organizational performance.
ORGL 4352 Leadership Capstone Taken at the end of the BAAS program, students in this course synthesize and apply program concepts to a real-life problem or project in their field of practice.