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Welcome to the Humanities Department, fellow Coyotes!

We are here to help you achieve your academic and professional goals. Our emphasis is on helping you to develop strong written communication skills as well as enhance your critical thinking ability. Please reach out to us about courses needed for general education requirements and for any questions about potential majors in our disciplines – English, Philosophy, and Foreign Languages. We wish you the best in accomplishing your goals and are here to provide any assistance!

The Humanities Department of Weatherford College is committed to delivering courses that serve the community by supporting the development of written communication, critical thinking, and research skills required to succeed in academic and professional environments.

The mission statement of the Composition courses taught at Weatherford College is to introduce students to—and to help them practice—the application of the writing process as they complete projects for specific genres. Through a variety of readings and writing assignments, students will learn to engage with and analyze texts, ideas, and genres.

The mission of Literature courses taught at Weatherford College is to develop knowledge of and appreciation for literature from a variety of perspectives and cultures. The Department seeks to realize its mission through a series of broad survey courses that will require students to read and analyze texts.

It is the goal of Philosophy courses at Weatherford College to introduce students to the investigation of fundamental philosophical issues. To achieve this goal, Philosophy instructors teach foundational skills as well as practices of philosophical inquiry. Students are introduced to varied ideas as they develop the skills needed to sustain an understanding of the key concepts of philosophy and the ethical dimensions of their decision-making processes.

Weatherford College Technical Writing courses prepare students to communicate in the workplace through a focus on technical and professional writing.

The mission of Foreign Language courses taught at Weatherford College is to be exposed to and learn the construction of languages other than English. The courses will expand students’ linguistic and cultural literacy. Students will be expected to write, read, and speak the language at a level appropriate for the sequenced course.