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Phlebotomy Course Descriptions

PLAB 1191: Special Topics in Phlebotomy (16 contact hours) -
Addresses professional development including resume building, interview success strategies, and exposure to a variety of medical occupations. Includes online mock Phlebotomy Registry to prepare Students for the National Registry Examination.

PLAB 1323: Laboratory/Lecture (96 contact hours) -
This course emphasizes Venipuncture and Dermal puncture skills according to Clinical Laboratory and Standards Institute Guidelines.

PLAB 1360: Clinical Rotations (192 contact hours) -
Clinical Internship enables students to apply skills in a clinical setting.

Co-Requisite HPRS 1206: Essential of Medical Terminology (for Allied Health credit students only) - Emphasizes word usage in medical specialties to enhance professionalism in medical occupations.