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Occupational Therapy Assistant Selection Criteria

Selection into the program is based on the following scoring methods:

Selection of students will involve review of all completed application files and scheduled interviews with the top 30 ranked candidates. Before the interview candidates will be scored and receive points as follows for grades in prerequisite courses and for completed degrees. 

Prerequisite Courses

English Composition I, College Math, Anatomy and Physiology I, Language/Philosophy & Culture or Creative Arts, Human Growth and Development (points awarded for each course completed). Prerequisite Science courses must be taken within the last five years.

      A = 4 points

      B = 3 points

      C = 2 points

* Up to 20 points for grades.

Previous educational degree / field experience:

       Bachelors or higher – 6 points
       Associates – 4 points

For those that qualify in the ranking for an interview, they will be interviewed by a panel of four faculty (if only three are available the average of the 3 scores will be used for the fourth faculty member). Applicants can receive up to 24 points per interviewer in the process. The total of all of these scores are then used to rank the applicants again to determine who will be accepted for the 20 slots available each year.