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Intermedia Arts

Weatherford College male photography student

The Intermedia Arts program is for any students interested in Media in its various forms. Courses are offered in photography, television production, radio/audio production, mass communication and advertising. Courses offered by the Intermedia Arts program are designed to transfer and all courses conform to the Lower-Division Academic Course Guide Manual, ACGM. The program is also designed to lead to an Associate of Arts from Weatherford College. Labs are required as a part of many Intermedia Arts courses, giving students the opportunity to gain hands on experience in media production.

Student Photo Exhibition

The student photo exhibition is held semi-annually, giving photography students the opportunity to display their work. The public may view the exhibition for free in Texas Hall during the Fine Art Center's normal hours of operation.  

Intermedia Arts Club

The Intermedia Arts Club welcomes all individuals interested in radio, television, publications, or other media related areas.

Yearbook Staff

Communications 1131, 1132, 2131, and 2132 are courses in which students produce the college’s yearbook, The Oak Leaf. Students cover all aspects of college life in the creation of this publication. Photography, design, copywriting, and technical production are components of production which students learn through participating in a publishing environment and in marketing the publications. Prospective staff members should contact The Oak Leaf sponsors for more information.