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Faculty & Staff

Name Position Phone Number

Fine Arts Faculty  |  Adjunct Faculty  |   Applied Music Faculty

Fine Arts Faculty & Staff

James Brownlee Drama Faculty 817-598-6408
Myrlan Coleman  Visual Arts Faculty 817-598-6232
Rob Laney  Music Faculty 817-598-6237
Traci McKinley Speech Faculty 817-598-6436
Joseph Nicikowski Technical Director & Facility Coordinator 817-598-6403
Janice Odom Department Secretary 817-598-6436
Steve Rothrock  Speech Faculty 817-598-6317

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Adjunct Faculty

Name Position Phone Number
Tamar Bell Adjunct Speech Faculty 817-598-6436
Brittney Chavez Adjunct Speech Faculty 817-598-6436
Jacquiline "Jeannine" Foster Adjunct Speech Faculty 817-598-6436
Cassie Hanna  Adjunct Visual Arts Faculty 817-598-6436
Dr. Molly Harris Adjunct Speech Faculty 817-598-6436
Christopher "Chris" Hassel WCWC / Adjunct Music Faculty 940-627-2690
Alison Hill ECGB / Adjunct Speech Faculty 817-579-9188
Amy James Adjunct Music Faculty 817-598-6436
Jeffery James ECGB / Adjunct Music Faculty 817-579-9188
Dr. Alice Ward-Johnson Adjunct Speech Faculty 817-598-6436
Avery Kelly Adjunct Art Faculty 817-598-6436
Maureen McGuire Adjunct Visual Arts Faculty 817-598-6436
Arthur "Dutch" Ode Adjunct Music Faculty 817-598-6436
Lewis Pilot Adjunct Music Faculty 817-598-6436
Jaime Reyes WCWC / Adjunct Music Faculty 940-627-2690
Marvin Saunders WCWC / Adjunct Music Faculty 940-627-2690
Dr. Hyeyoung Song Master Pianist, Artist-in-Residence 817-598-6436
Kelly Ingleright-Telgenhoff Adjunct Visual Arts Faculty 817-598-6436
Eliza Williams Adjunct Music Faculty 817-598-6436
John Williams ECGB & WC / Adj Speech Faculty 817-579-9188 / 817-598-6436
Haley Woodrow Adjunct Music Faculty 817-598-6436

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Applied Music Faculty

Students registered for MUAP classes may contact the department secretary,
Janice Odom, by phone at 817-598-6436, or via email at,
for information.

Name Position Phone Number
Joseph Carpenter  Drums & Percussion 817-598-6436
Will Douglas Guitar 817-598-6436
Quamon Fowler Saxophone / Improvisation
(via Skype)
Arthur "Dutch" Ode III Trombone 817-598-6436
Richard Powell  Piano  817-598-6436
Rick Rainey  Voice 817-598-6436
Alexis Sczepanik Horn 817-598-6436
Dr. Hyeyoung Song Piano 817-598-6436
Jon Stone Saxophone 817-598-6436
Dr. Charles "Chuck" Tumlinson Trumpet 817-598-6436
Eliza Williams Flute 817-598-6436
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