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Alternative Teacher Certification Program Costs

The total cost of the training is usually $3500.00 for any certification area. The cost, by course, is provided below. The Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities course must be paid in full at the time of registration. The remaining $2700.00 may be paid at the beginning of each class. An online bank is available to finance the last $1500.00 for internship, if desired. Once an individual has been accepted into the program, s/he has up to three years to complete all required coursework and the internship/clinical teaching experience.

NOTE: The state requires 30 hours of observations in public school classrooms. 

Required Coursework Fees for Most Certification Areas

(Core Subjects 4-8; English Language Arts/Reading; English Language Arts Reading/Social Studies; Family/Consumer Science; Health; History; Math; Math/Science; PE; Science 7-12; Life Science; Physical Science; Speech; Social Studies 4-8; Social Studies 7-12)

         1.  Teacher preparation tuition:
              •  Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities, $800.00 + books
•  Content Methods Training, in July each year, $600.00
•  Intel ® Teach to the Future (Instructional Techology) in July each year, $600.00
2.  Internship/Clinical Teaching $1500.00 + books

Additional Fees

(Overall cost to reach standard certification is estimated to be $4300.) Program Application Fee - $50.00, Books and Materials - Varies depending on certificate, estimated $135.00 + State fees:

  • $131.00 - Content test, and
  • $131.00 - PPR Test
  • *Fingerprinting - $47.00
  • *Probationary Certificate - $52.00+
  • *Standard Certificate - $77.00+

ESL Supplemental: This certificate can be added to any certificate. This course is offered in June; it costs $300+books. The ESL Supplemental test costs $131.

Special Education: This certificate must be added to a content area certificate. This certificate can be added to an English language arts certificate or a math certificate. This course is offered in June; it costs $600+books. The Special Education EC-12 test costs $131.

Special Education Certificate

  • Special Education - $600.00 + books (Added to fees for other courses)
  • Special Education certification test - $131.00

*Fees are subject to change
See for late registration fees and other information.
See for more information on teaching in Texas.

For further information, call the Education Department at 817-598-6446.