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Computer Information Systems

Teacher helping students in computer lab

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) component of the BCIS Department offers courses that lead to the award of five one-year certificates and one A.A.S. degree with four options.

The certificates include Database Programming, Information Systems, Gaming Design, Programming and Web Development, and Networking Systems.

The A.A.S. is offered in Information Technology. The four A.A.S. Options are Database Programming, Information Systems, Gaming Design and Programming and Web Development.

All courses are developed, approved, and implemented in coordination with the BCIS advisory committee, a body of professionals in business, information technology, and computer operations environments.

The curriculum mirrors local, regional, and statewide demands that lead to successful participation in a global economy. Students will be able to apply information processing techniques, demonstrate a basic understanding of application software, communicate effectively, and use the knowledge gained to master new, advanced computer techniques.