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Behavioral Sciences

The Behavioral Sciences are a group of disciplines which through the use of research, science, and theory, seek to explain human behavior individually, in a society, in the past, present, and in the future. The Weatherford College Behavioral Science team is comprised of courses in Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology. 

Purpose Statement: 

The Weatherford College Behavioral Science Department is committed to excellence in learning, by enriching the lives of students through innovative, affordable, and accessible modalities, which establish a foundation of the scientific study of past and present human origins and bio cultural adaptions, behavior and mental processes, and the understanding of human society, and social structure. Our students develop practical research skills, and an appreciation of the complexities of human behavior.

Program Specific Features: 

The department offers students that are interested in psychology, or planning on majoring or minoring in psychology, an opportunity to participate in Psi Beta, a national honors society in psychology. The department also offers research and presentation opportunities, including the opportunity to participate in the bi-annual Behavioral Science Conference.