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Admission Requirements

  1. Meet all College admission requirements (applications, transcript, etc.)
  2. Complete a program admission application and receive approval from the Program Admission Committee.
  3. Have an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree or equivalent.
    Students who are within 15 credits hours of completing their AAS degrees and who have completed the following courses may enroll in up to two upper-division courses before being formally admitted to the BAAS in Organizational Leadership Program.
    1. ENGL 1301 and ENGL 1302
    2. A speech course (SPCH)
    3. A mathematics course (MATH)

Each BAAS degree track identifies the coursework that must be completed before an applicant may enter a track as well as the general education and field-specific coursework that will be required for BAAS degree completion. The Program Admissions Committee will review higher education transcripts and applications to make sure each applicant is appropriately prepared to complete the program of study for which the individual has applied. Those applicants with deficiencies will be required to complete leveling coursework before gaining program entry. The program director will notify those applicants who are accepted into the program to schedule an orientation and advising session to establish each individual’s program for completion and prepare the new student to begin courses. Each student’s completion plan will identify all required coursework as well as a proposed timeline for completion.

While enrolled in the BAAS in Organizational Leadership, each student will be required to maintain regular contact with an assigned advisor. The student and advisor will visit a least once per long term to discuss the student’s progress toward completion, any issues of concern, any modifications that may be needed for the student’s completion plan, and career opportunities that may exist beyond degree attainment.