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WC Honors Program Student Application

Personal Information

Educational Background

Honors Program Criteria

The mission of the Weatherford College Honors Program is to foster the intellectual, creative, and personal growth of innovative and curious students by offering an advanced curriculum based on inquiry and research and dedicated to lifelong learning and leadership. 

Honors Program Eligibility Requirements:

  • Acceptance to Weatherford College
  • 3.33 GPA (high school or college)
  • TSI Complete
  • Full time student
  • Official completed high school transcript submitted to student services

Since motivation and persistence are significant factors in determining academic success, those who fall slightly short of the GPA requirement, but wish to undertake the challenge, are invited to apply and may be admitted at the discretion of the honors program committee.

If admitted to the Honors Program, you will be expected to:

  • Maintain a 3.33 GPA
  • Complete at least 12 hours of Honors classes at WC
  • Take the Honors Seminar Course
  • Attend honors program events
  • Participate in community service requirement

Do you understand the Honors Program eligibility requirements and program expectations?

Personal Statement

Please write a short essay (500 words maximum) describing why you want to be in the Honors Program. You might want to discuss how the Program supports your long-term educational or career goals or how you identify with the ideas mentioned in the Mission Statement above.