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Honors Program FAQ

Honors Classes

Q: What classes are offered by the Honors Program?

Fall 2021 classes    

  • Government 2305
  • Educ 1300
  • Math 1314
  • English 1301
  • PSYC 2301
  • PHIL 1301

Spring 2022 classes

  • History 1301
  • Psychology 2301
  • English 1302

Q: What makes an Honors class different than a regular class?

Instructors will incorporate different course assignments and/or instruction techniques to challenge honors students. These could be projects, research, group assignments, etc. Honors courses will have a smaller class size with honors program students only.

Q: How many classes are required each semester?

Students must take at least (1) honors designated course as a part of their full time load for the semester.

Q: Can I drop the honors program after starting it?

Students are allowed to drop the honors program after starting. They will need to contact to make an appointment with the honors program committee.

Honors Program Benefits

Q: How will anyone know I graduated “with honors”?

There will be an honors designation on your transcript and diploma.

Q: What are the benefits to the honors program?

Successful Honors Program participants are eligible for: 

  • Weatherford College Foundation Scholarships 
  • Priority Registration 
  • Sponsorship for PTK membership 
  • Smaller class sizes 
  • Free printing 
  • Designated Honors Program study space 
  • Honors designation on transcript 
  • Honors designation on diploma 
  • Honors mention at graduation and convocation 
  • Honors cord for graduation