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The Process

If the college you attend requires a proctor form, complete the student information section, and forward it via email or fax to Weatherford College Testing Center (WCTC). The proctor information section will be completed, and the form will be sent to your college.

If the college you attend does not require a proctor form, please forward the following contact information to your instructor:

Weatherford College
Testing Center
225 College Park Drive
Weatherford, TX 76086
Phone: (817) 598-6439
Fax:      (817) 598-6472
Lela Morris
Testing Center Director
Carla Bowen
Testing Assistant

The Testing Center is located in the east end of the Jack Knight Building labeled JKNB on the map.

The Business Office is located in the north end of the building labeled BUSI.

Parking is in the Main East Parking lot. Please do not park in a reserved space. Ask the Business Office for a temporary parking permit. Place the temporary parking permit on the driver’s side dash of your car.

MAIN CAMPUS  (Click and scroll down to see the map.)

The Process:

  1. Your instructor will mail or email the test instructions to WCTC.
  2. After WCTC has received the test instructions from your instructor, you must call WCTC to schedule an appointment to test. Best practice is to schedule the appointment the week before test day. Appointments are not scheduled any further out than the following week at any given time. If Weatherford College (WC) is closed, the Testing Center is closed. Please see:

WC academic calendar:

WCTC hours:

  1. You must bring a valid photo id (driver’s license, state id or passport) with you to test.
  2. There is a $25 proctor fee paid by the student on test day. Please pay in the WC Business Office prior to testing. You may pay with cash, money order, credit or debit card. Checks are not accepted. This is a per test fee. Bring the receipt with you to WCTC.