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Distance Learning

Distance education at Weatherford College offers students a variety of options for participating
in college courses. These include:

  • High School Dual Credit Classes
  • Online Classes
  • Interactive Two-way Video Classes
  • Hybrid Classes
  • Virtual College of Texas Courses (VCT)
  • Off-Campus Location Classes

High School Dual Credit Classes

High School Dual Credit Classes are offered at service-area high schools and are taught by qualified high school instructors of WC faculty. Students participating in these courses will receive both college and high school credit for their completed coursework. Student requirements for enrolling in a dual credit class are:

  • Must be a high school junior or senior
  • Must have the high school's approval to participate in the course(s)
  • Must have qualifying placement test scores

Online Classes

Online Classes are offered via the internet. Online courses are developed and taught in such
a manner as to insure they are of the same quality and instructional rigor as the face-to-face counterpart. Online classes offer a student flexibility in scheduling and provide learning opportunities where transportation, work schedules, family lifestyles, and other barriers might prevent class participation on the campus.

It is important for the online student to understand that this instructional format is just as demanding, if not more so, than a face-to-face classroom. To determine if you are ready for
online learning you may want to take this quick self-assessment.

Students participating in online classes are required to attend at least two proctored activities
or assessments on the college campus. Additional proctor locations may be approved by the classroom instructor. The Online Orientation Packet provides more information about online courses. Also visit the Online Classroom website.

Interactive Two-Way Video Classes

Interactive Two-Way Video Classes are held in one location with a live instructor while being broadcast in real-time to one or more remote locations where students meet and coordinate
with a classroom facilitator. These classes utilize the latest technology in two-way video broad-
cast systems allowing students at all locations to interact with the instructor and other students. Currently classes are broadcast to many of the local high school for dual credit purposes and are broadcast to and from the Education Centers in Mineral Wells and Decatur.

Hybrid Classes

Hybrid Classes combine the best of two instructional methods by allowing students and instructors to meet face-to-face on a regular basis, but providing the option of having a large portion of the coursework and assignments available and completed in an online classroom.

Virtual College of Texas (VCT)

This online resource allows Weatherford College to purchase online classes from other community colleges. If a student needs an online class not offered by WC, we have the opportunity to search other community college offerings to purchase space in their online classes. The student partici-
pating in the Virtual College of Texas enrolls in the course through Weatherford College and receives transcripted credit from Weatherford College. However, the instruction for the course is provided by an instructor at another Texas community college.

Off-Campus Location Classes

Each semester Weatherford College offers a selection of courses at locations other that the main campus and the education centers. These locations are typically area high schools and are usually evening offerings. Please see the most current Schedule of Classes for a complete list of off-
campus locations and course offerings.