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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

For the Associate in Arts, The Associate in Science, and The Associate of Applied Science Degrees       

Students in associate’s degree programs may graduate under the current catalog or any previous catalog under which they were enrolled back to a maximum of five years prior to graduation, beginning with their first enrollment at WC. In cases of curriculum changes within an A.A.S. degree plan, refer to Curriculum Changes Affecting Students Enrolled in Vocational/Technical Programs (pg. 126).

Veterans with one-year active duty will receive three credit hours of physical education.

Developmental courses are not counted for graduation requirements.

Along with completion of coursework and credit hours outlined on pages 118-188, the following must be in place for a student to earn a degree or certificate:

  • Completion of entrance requirements.
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all courses presented for graduation.
  • A minimum of 25% of the hours of a degree for graduation earned from Weatherford College.
  • Credit from other colleges applied toward graduation as determined by transcript evaluation by the registrar’s office. Official transcripts from all prior colleges must be on file for this evaluation to take place.
  • No more than nine semester hours of correspondence study credit applied toward a degree.
  • All areas of the TSI test passed if not exempt from this state requirement.
  • Discharge of all financial obligations to Weatherford College prior to graduation.
  • Formal application made during the first eight weeks of the semester of graduation. (See Petition for Graduation on college website)
  • Official transcript(s) from other colleges and universities on file.    

Required Courses

Students are not compelled to register for certain courses when they enroll in college. A course is required only in the sense that it must be completed to meet the requirements for a degree; however, students must bear in mind that some courses specify prerequisite courses or permission of the instructor. Students who wish to earn a degree at Weatherford College or a bachelor’s degree when they transfer should enroll in courses required for the degree they seek. Developmental courses required due to TSI can be required in addition to degree requirements.