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Add/Drop Courses

Prior to the first day of a semester, students may add/drop classes in one of three ways:

  1.  Online through myWC
  2.  In person in the Office of Student Services or at one of the Education Centers
  3.  By fax request, signed & dated by the student (FAX number 817-598-6205)

After the first day of a semester, students who have not previously registered for classes, will be allowed to register through the end of late registration with the assistance of an academic advisor. Students who have registered for classes and wish to add/drop can do so during the designated dates for late registration. These dates will be listed on the online academic calendar and college catalog. There is no fee for making a class change during this time period; however, tuition charges may be adjusted which can impact the student’s tuition balance.

KEEP IN MIND: If you never attend a class for which you are enrolled, you will NOT automatically be dropped from that class for non-attendance. You are responsible for initiating and completing the drop process.

Withdrawing from a Class 

Withdrawing from a class with a grade of "W" may be done from the day after the last day to add/drop classes during a semester until the date designated in the current academic calendar. Course withdrawal is initiated by the student and requires the signature of the class instructor. After the faculty member has signed the Class Withdrawal Form, the form must be returned to Student Services for the withdrawal to be completed. The form signed by faculty may also be mailed to: Student Services at 225 College Park Drive, Weatherford, Tx 76086, or faxed to: 817-598-6205.

Six-Drop Limit

Students who enrolled in a Texas public institution of higher education as a first-time freshman in the fall of 2007 or after are limited to no more than six drops during their undergraduate career. The six-drop limit includes courses taken at any Texas public institution of higher education. All courses dropped after the official day of record for the semester will be included in the six-course limit unless the student withdraws from all classes, or the drop is authorized by an appropriate college official as an approved drop exception.

Enrollment at Weatherford College will not be prohibited if transcripts of all Texas institutions the student has been enrolled in are not made available to the College. However, students may not be allowed to drop a course if they have not provided the College with all transcripts and the appropriate College official is concerned that in allowing the drop, the six-drop might be exceeded.

Students reaching the limit of six drops, either at WC or with transferred hours included, will not be allowed to drop any course, unless they are withdrawing from all courses.