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WC theatre presents “The Elephant Man

The Elephant Man webart

Weatherford College fine arts presents “The Elephant Man” Wednesday, April 17, and Thursday, April 18, in the Alkek Fine Arts Center.

The show begins at 7:30 p.m. and admission is free. This production is performed by the spring Acting 2 class and directed by James Brownlee.

“The Elephant Man” is the moving tale of John Merrick, a real person who suffered from crippling disorders that caused him to have severe physical deformities. After a humiliating life as a sideshow attraction, he is discovered by Dr. Frederick Treves, who takes him to the London hospital and cares for him.

Treves discovers, as do other characters in the play, that Merrick has far more to teach him about his own humanity than he ever suspected.