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WC hosts 17th annual Coyote Area Math Championship

17th Annual WC Math Champs logo


More than 100 students from area high schools converged on the Weatherford College campus Friday morning for the 17th annual Coyote Area Math Championship.

Students competed in pre-calculus and calculus competitions via written tests.

The day also included guest speaker Adam Feriend, owner and chief operating officer of JRJ Construction, who outlined the numerous careers in construction, engineering and architecture that require a solid math foundation.

“The industry is seeing unprecedented shortfalls,” he said. “Construction related employers are looking to fill an average of 225,000 jobs each month.”

He cited statistics that show the industry has a median age of 42.6 with 9.4 percent being younger than 25. And 91 percent of more than 2,700 contractors, engineering and architecture firms reported having a difficult time finding skilled workers.

“We have a huge gap in construction right now,” Feriend said. “Computers and robots will never build a building. Ever. There are too many field related, unforeseen circumstances that happen every day in construction that you couldn’t put a calculation in for it to determine the answer. There are big opportunities out there.”

Plains Capital Bank in Weatherford once again sponsored the event.

Winners of the 2019 Coyote Area Math Championship are:


1st Place: Trinity Christian Academy
Cody Athey, Caleb Chesney, Abby Skaggs and Cole Alberts
2nd Place: Mineral Wells High School
Bradley Aaron, Mia Elder, Noah Kuhn and Manuel Garcia (not pictured)
3rd Place: Brewer High School
Dagan Herring, Adam Bradley, Scott Ellis and David Ogidan

TEAM RESULTS: Pre-Calculus  

1st Place: Poolville High School
Sara Kelly, Mollie Kelly, Wyatt Thomas, Dalton Sprague
2nd Place: Weatherford High School
Abagail Fant, Connor Bezio, Colby O’Bannon and Jack Waldron (not pictured)
3rd Place: Azle High School
Jenna Conner, Annie Cole, Aidan Tune and Jackson Penshorn




  • 1st Place: Caleb Chesney – Trinity Christian Academy
  • 2nd Place: Noah Kuhn – Mineral Wells High School
  • 3rd Place: Adam Bradley – Brewer High School
  • 4th Place: Brandon Graeber – Azle High School
  • 5th Place: Scott Ellis – Brewer High School
  • 6th Place: Kaua Awbrey – Abilene Christian School
  • 7th Place: Bradley Aaron – Mineral Wells High School
  • 8th Place: Cody Athey – Trinity Christian Academy
  • 9th Place: Cole Alberts – Trinity Christian Academy
  • 10th Place: Tyler Merritt – Abilene Christian School
  • 1st Place: Connor Bezio – Weatherford High School
  • 2nd Place: Dalton Sprague – Poolville High School
  • 3rd Place: Ethan Gonzales – Brewer High School
  • 4th Place: Rebecca Lu – Trinity Christian Academy
  • 5th Place: Annie Cole – Azle High School
  • 6th Place: Olivia Feissli – Trinity Christian Academy
  • 7th Place: Clifton Maxwell – Weatherford Christian School
  • 8th Place: Joshua Weertman – Peaster High School
  • 9th Place: Jenna Conner – Azle High School
  • 10th Place: Jarrett Foland – Weatherford Christian School