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WC hosts 16th annual Coyote Area Math Championship

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Dozens of students from area high schools converged on the Weatherford College campus Friday morning for the 16th annual Coyote Area Math Championship.

Students competed in pre-calculus and calculus competitions via written tests.

The day also included guest speaker Dr. Jim Kirby, retired professor of mathematics from Tarleton State University, who spoke on the topic of preparing for career fields that don’t yet exist. He spoke to students about the importance of learning tools they will use later in life in ways they may not even imagine since, as technology advances, the future job market is unknown.

Plains Capital Bank in Weatherford once again sponsored the event.


Winners of the 2018 Coyote Area Math Championship are:


1stCalc-TrinityChrisitan 2ndCalc-Stephenville 3rdCalc-GlenRose
1st Place: Trinity Christian Academy
Hannah Baker, Baylor White, Andrew Ludwig & Audrey Wortham
2nd Place: Stephenville High School
Calvin Jones, Holden Haile, Seth Hammond & Jordan Carter
3rd Place: Glen Rose High School
Grace Hill, Jordan Nabors, Ashley Hang & Andrea Mendoza
1stPreCalc-BellevueHS 2ndPreCalc-MineralWellsHS 3rdPreCalc-TrinityChristian
1st Place: Bellevue High School
John Walker, Trey Terry, Shae Lesando & Gabriel Garza
2nd Place: Mineral Wells High School
Jace Duncan, Noah Kuhn, Mia Elder & Hailey Tincher
3rd Place: Trinity Christian Academy
Caleb Chesney, Abby Skaggs, Cody Athey & Jacob Sherman


1st Place: Baylor White – Trinity Christian Academy 2nd Place: Hannah Baker – Trinity Christian Academy
3rd Place: Payte Treadaway – Glen Rose High School 4th Place: Calvin Jones – Stephenville High School
5th Place: Hally Shi – Abilene Christian School 6th Place: Mason Christiansen – Weatherford High School
7th Place: Lane Swafford – Weatherford High School 8th Place: James (Tony) DeLeon – Brewer High School
9th Place: Grace Hill – Glen Rose High School 10th Place: Mariana Rios – Stephenville High School
1st Place: Trey Terry – Bellevue High School 2nd Place: Noah Kuhn – Mineral Wells High School
3rd Place: Jon Walker – Bellevue High School 4th Place: Dalton Sprague – Poolville High School
5th Place: Caleb Chesney – Trinity Christian Academy 6th Place: Harrison Hawkins – Glen Rose High School
7th Place: Sarah Tanner – Weatherford Christian School 8th Place: Jarrett Foland – Weatherford Christian School
9th Place: Nathanael Phillips – Bridgeport High School 10th Place: Mia Elder – Mineral Wells High School