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WC hosts 13th Annual Coyote Area Math Championship

13th Annual Coyote Area Math Championship.

Exceptional students from area high schools gathered at Weatherford College on Friday, Feb. 6, to compete in the 13th annual Coyote Area Math Championship.

While waiting on their test results, the students listened to guest speaker Diana Cervantes, an epidemiologist with the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Cervantes explained to the students how important math is each day in her job. As an epidemiologist, she tracks data to determine patterns, causes and effects of illness in the general population.

Event coordinator Elsbeth Border said the event was a great success which brought more than 100 students to the WC campus for a day of educational competition.

“The Coyote Area Math Championship provides students an opportunity to socialize with other students that have similar interests, expand knowledge of the collegiate environment, and hone their math skills through competition,” Border said.

This year’s winners of the Coyote Area Math Championship are:


1st Place 2nd Place
First place Calculus 2nd Place Calculus
Glen Rose High School: Kallie Crabtree, Cheyenne Parker, Trey Sexton, Hanna Wisdom
Brewer High School: Spencer Crawford, Joshua Harris, William Bull, Austin Walker
Third Place

3rd Place Calculus
Azle High School: Colling Giles,
Colten Clearwater, Taylor Brown, Bernie Duhan


1st Place 2nd Place
First place Pre-Calculus 2nd Place Calculus
Weatherford Christian School: Cooper Bomar, Kyle Burrough, Kaitlyn Fell, Jennah Foland
Brewer High School: Rorie Ballinger, Sarah Clark, Robert Gafford-Gaby, Bojana Ivana
Third Place
3rd Place Calculus
Peaser High School: Draven Tell,
Rachel Cook, Jenna Forrester, Jacob Hungerford






















  • 1st: Jacob Hungerford – Peaster High School
  • 2nd: Jennah Foland – Weatherford Christian School
  • 3rd: Katie McCullough – Trinity Christian Academy
  • 4th: Bojana Ivana – Brewer High School
  • 5th: Sujin Kim – Weatherford High School
  • 6th: Kenzie Ballard – Weatherford High School
  • 7th: Cooper Bomar – Weatherford Christian School
  • 8th: Kyle Burrough – Weatherford Christian School
  • 9th: Angela McCullough – Trinity Christian Academy
  • 10th: Angelica Antonio – Mineral Wells High School


  • 1st: Hanna Wisdom – Glen Rose High School
  • 2nd: Kallie Crabtree – Glen Rose High School
  • 3rd: Spencer Crawford – Brewer High School
  • 4th: Christopher Walker – Weatherford High School
  • 5th: Colten Clearwater – Azle High School
  • 6th: Trey Sexton – Glen Rose High School
  • 7th: Bernie Duhan – Azle High School
  • 8th: Andrew Clute – Trinity Christian Academy
  • 9th: Joshua Harris – Brewer High School
  • 10th: Lauren Gutierrez – Stephenville High School