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WC Foundation raises $1 million in 2019, surpasses $10 million in net assets

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After a stellar 2019, the Weatherford College Foundation has crossed into uncharted territory. In their meeting Tuesday, the foundation’s board of directors learned that not only had they raised more than $1 million in the 2019 calendar year, but that the non-profit corporation’s net assets had surpassed $10 million for the first time in history.

The foundation raised $1,025,987 in 2019, buoyed by increased awareness from the college’s sesquicentennial, the successful All-Steinway campaign and an influx of new permanent scholarship endowments raised by Bob Glenn, foundation president. In addition to those factors, the strong financial market helped to grow the WCF’s net assets to more than $10.3 million as of Dec. 31.

“2019 was a banner year for Weatherford College in fundraising for both scholarships and other campus projects,” Glenn said. “New donor support as well as continued support from established donors resulted in tremendous growth of our resources, and the excitement about the future of our college continues into a new year!”

The foundation awarded more than $290,000 in student scholarships in the 2018-19 academic year, a record, and is poised to approach $300,000 in scholarships in the current academic year.

In addition to actively seeking donors for new student scholarships, the foundation will continue support the college in other ways, including an upcoming campaign to raise funds for artificial turf for Stuart Field and Roger Williams Ballpark, along with other projects that may arise.

“Passing the $10 million mark in net assets is a historic accomplishment for the foundation,” said Dr. Tod Allen Farmer, college president. “I am so very grateful for the work of foundation president Bob Glenn, for our entire foundation board and for all our generous donors. It is a great time to be a Coyote!”