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WC Board approves prorated dorm refunds logo

The Weatherford College Board of Trustees approved a prorated refund schedule for students who choose to move out of the Coyote Village Student Housing Complex for the remainder of the spring semester due to COVID-19 concerns during a special meeting held Tuesday afternoon.

The current student housing policy authorizes the refund of meals but not housing. Dr. Tod Allen Farmer, WC president, requested an exception to that policy given the unique nature of the current situation.

As outlined during the meeting, students who check out of the dorm during designated times as stated in their student email between March 23 and March 26 will receive a housing and meal plan refund of $1,200.

Students moving out between April 1 and April 7 will receive a prorated amount for housing and meals based on the specific date they check out.

Students moving out after April 7 will not receive a refund for their housing or meal plan.

Students who received funds from outside agencies to cover housing expenses such as scholarship dollars will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

“Many residents moved out yesterday and they are moving out as we speak,” Farmer said. “We also have helped facilitate the return of the vast majority of international students to their homelands. As it currently stands, we have two international students remaining. One is on her way out today and the other student is unable currently to acquire transportation back to his homeland due to travel restrictions that are in place prohibiting that travel. So we will continue to work with him.”

There are currently three students residing in the dorms with another 24 requesting to return next week and stay through the end of the semester.

“At this point, the move out is voluntary,” Farmer said. “And we are contacting those 24 and asking them to reconsider for their own public safety concerns. However, at this time, it does remain a voluntary process.”

Isolation measures have been put in place to ensure student safety. Should any of the residents begin to exhibit symptoms of illness, rooms have been set aside to further isolate them from others.

The cafeteria is also closed, but food is being provided to Coyote Village residents through box lunches with students being served in a staggered format to maintain social distancing.

The board also approved and ratified actions taken by Farmer in the previous weeks to close the college campuses and move instruction online for the remainder of the spring semester.