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WC biology students get their hands dirty

WC biology students get their hands dirty.

Jennifer Miller, Biology instructor at the Weatherford College Education Center at Granbury, recently provided a hands-on lab experience for her environmental biology students with a visit to Jennifer Bauer-Krueger’s local goat ranch. Bauer-Krueger is also an English instructor and tutor at the Granbury campus.

Students learned about organic and sustainable production, different types of agriculture and developing a closed loop system, where all waste products are used.

While there, the students helped build two raised beds using waste from around the farm including feed sacks, cardboard, brush and compost made from the goat and chicken waste. This layering process makes the bed nutrient dense and better capable of holding moisture, Miller explained.

“It was an incredible hands-on experience for the students, something that they can even build in their own yards,” she said. “We all learned so much, and we are so thankful for Jen’s generosity with her time. And, of course, we had to pet the goats.”