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WC announces limited re-opening logo

Weatherford College President Tod Allen Farmer has announced a limited re-opening of Weatherford College campuses and facilities beginning Monday, May 11.

WC has been operating in an online-only format since March 13 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Student and employee safety remains our highest priority,” Farmer said.  “We have transitioned the vast majority of our summer courses to a fully online format. Only a very limited number of our instructional programs whose certification bodies require face-to-face experiences will return to campus this summer.”

Mike Endy, vice president of instruction and student services, elaborated on the programs that require face-to-face instruction.

“These programs all have the same goal—to get students to work in our healthcare, public safety and public service fields,” Endy said. “Our highest priority is finishing spring semester courses for those who will graduate upon completion. We will also be completing coursework for those who are aiming toward graduation in Fall 2020 or beyond.”

A limited number of staff and administrators will begin returning to campus on May 11, with each college division making decisions about the mix and schedules of employees working at college facilities and working remotely from home. All employees and students will follow strict safety procedures while participating in activities at WC campuses, adhering to state and local guidelines.

Endy said all general education or transfer-curriculum courses will be fully online for the summer.

“The last six weeks have taught us a great deal about working with all our students at a distance, resulting in several improvements to our systems and practices,” he said. “While we regret losing the face-to-face contact that serves so many so well, this move gives us a chance to make classes this summer that would not usually reach enrollment minimums in traditional classroom settings.”

WC’s website ( and social media platforms will continue to feature the latest information on schedule changes.