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Snow Garrett Williams employees establish scholarship in honor of their bosses

Snow Garrett Williams logo.

What’s the best gift for the boss who “has everything?”

The employees at Snow Garrett Williams, Certified Public Accountants decided the best way to show their appreciation for their bosses was to establish a scholarship in their honor through the Weatherford College Foundation.

“Every year we worked to find a gift that meant something to the partners,” said Wealth Advisor Angela Smith. “We finally decided that Wayne, Gary and Kathy really didn’t need any one thing and thought more about what characteristic they try to instill in their employees – give back to the community and the community will give back to you.”

Established in December 2014, the employees currently make contributions to the scholarship for Christmas and Boss’s Day.

Smith said they chose the WC Foundation because Snow Garrett Williams continues to emphasize education and has strong ties to the Weatherford community.

“Weatherford College was a great way to integrate those values and create an opportunity for someone in need,” she said.

In total, SGW employees have given nearly $10,000 to the scholarship fund.

Smith added her bosses were pleasantly shocked when they learned of the initial gift last Christmas.

“Gary, Wayne and I were surprised and honored that our staff started the Snow Garrett Williams Scholarship Fund,” Kathy Williams said.

“Education is very important to all of us and we feel blessed that our staff chose to give back to the community in this way.”