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Sesquicentennial Spring

Dr. Tod Farmer photo

Spring is a wonderful time of year. The redbud and fruit trees blossom with beautiful color, fresh green leaves fill the tree branches, and yellow flowers display in full bloom. Spring is also the time of year that new life seems to emerge in abundance. American robins and bright red cardinals can be seen actively chirping and feeding their chicks, fluffy tailed brown squirrels scurry across the lawns and through the trees gathering food, and spotted newborn fawns learn to use their wobbly legs for the first time. The whole world seems to come alive in the spring. Perhaps Shakespeare stated it best when he wrote, “April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”

Weatherford College students certainly exhibit a spirit of youth in the spring. Some are holding hands with their newfound love, while others are buzzing around campus preparing for final exams. Many suddenly become physically active in an effort to get in shape and work on their tan. The sounds of cheers and the pings of metal bats emanate from the baseball and softball fields. Individual students can occasionally be seen simply reading and basking in the spring sunshine. One youthful student activity remains constant in spring and all other seasons . . . cell phone addiction.

This particular spring is a special and unique season at Weatherford College. Throughout the summer, fall, and winter, we have been preparing the year-long 2019 celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of WC. We have reflected on the rich cultural history of our community’s prized college. Historical photographs have been enlarged and displayed, a book highlighting the first 150 years of Weatherford College history was published and is currently being sold, and an array of celebratory activities have been planned. However, this sesquicentennial spring reminds us that while we should appropriately celebrate our rich institutional history, we should also be cognizant that spring brings forth a new chapter in the story of our beloved institution.

Our sesquicentennial spring ushers in the dawn of a new age at Weatherford College. A spirit of optimism and hope has permeated the very fabric of the WC organizational culture. Excitement about the future of both our college and the local society that we call home continues to build. We as a broader college community and society are poised to provide unparalleled support to our region’s thriving business sector, fertilize the economic development of our area, and assist our community’s college students as they maximize their human potential. They are our future.

The sesquicentennial spring reminds us that a whole new generation of students is experiencing Weatherford College for the very first time. They have access to new technology and advanced instructional methodologies that previous generations could have never imagined. The sesquicentennial spring reminds us that this new generation of highly intelligent students is being elevated to accomplish great things and propel our society ever onward. This spring reminds us that while we stand on the shoulders of those mighty WC giants who went before us and built this great community that we call home, we now need to use that elevated vantage point to see farther and achieve even more. This noble institution is now poised to make an even greater impact on future generations and on our home community. While we certainly need to celebrate our rich cultural heritage, this sesquicentennial spring reminds us that the greatest days of Weatherford College lie ahead!

Tod Allen Farmer
President, Weatherford College