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The Rising Tide

Dr. Tod Farmer photo

There is a rising tide in Parker County. We have a new mayor in Weatherford, Paul Paschall, a new Parker County Economic Development Council director, Allison Baker, and a relatively new county judge, Pat Deen. Each of these dynamic individuals is bringing fresh ideas, a spirit of collaboration, and a sense of optimism to the county. As their collective efforts have been added to the efforts of veteran movers and shakers like Tammy Gazzola from the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce and Lisa Flowers from the East Parker County Chamber of Commerce, a real forward momentum has developed. Our seasoned mayors throughout the county are also collaborating for the common good at unprecedented levels. Our veteran state representative, Phil King, continues to promote and support a business friendly environment. New businesses are opening, existing businesses are being strengthened, and the county tax base is being further diversified in the process. Collectively, we are marching forward to a bright new economic future.

The quiet temerity of Parker County has resulted in a rising tide of economic development that will benefit our citizens at unprecedented levels. The rising tide will create new high wage jobs, grow existing businesses, enhance our county infrastructure, and support high quality public services. Simply put, the rising tide will enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Parker County.

Weatherford College is poised to support the rising tide. We have recently launched Corporate College in an effort to provide local businesses with high quality professional development at a reasonable price. A small business development center is being relocated to Weatherford College in an effort to both support our existing businesses and to help aspiring entrepreneurs launch new businesses. A new partnership with Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas and the Texas Workforce Commission will result in the training of the unemployed and the resulting movement of our citizens from public assistance to tax-paying jobs that pay family sustaining wages.

Weatherford College will continue to be a light shining on the hill that provides hope to those looking for a better life. The WC beacon of hope will also continue to support our area businesses and collaborate with county stakeholders to help make Parker County an even greater place to live and raise a family. Finally, Weatherford College will continue to support, promote, and collaboratively facilitate the rising tide.

There is a rising tide in Parker County, and I am excited to see what happens next!

Tod Allen Farmer
President, Weatherford College