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Q&A: WC’s 2020 proposed tax rate

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How much is Weatherford College’s 2020 proposed ad valorem tax rate?

The proposed tax rate is 12.535816 cents per $100 valuation.  

How does WC’s 2020 proposed tax rate compare with its 2019 tax rate?

The increase year-to-year is approximately one cent per $100 (1.0408 cents). The increase over the No New Revenue Tax Rate for 2020 equates to 0.92 cents.

How much more will the average Parker County taxpayer pay in WC taxes with the proposed rate?

The average homestead taxable value in Parker County is $242,840. On that value, WC taxes would increase $41.48 for the year.  

How does WC’s ad valorem tax rate compare with other community colleges in Texas?

The average tax rate of other community colleges in Texas in 2019 was 18.661 cents. In 2019, WC ranked 10th lowest in the state among the 50 community college tax rates. WC’s proposed rate is approximately 67.2% of last year’s state average.

How do faculty salaries at Weatherford College compare to community colleges across the state?

According to the 2019-20 Texas Community College Teachers Association Survey of Faculty Salaries, Weatherford College ranks 37th among the state’s 50 community college districts in faculty salaries.  

Where can I find out more about WC’s tax rate and budget?

WC’s budget, financial reports and more can be found at