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Presidential Core Value Initiative

Dr. Tod Farmer photo

At the heart of every individual or institution are values that guide decision-making and inform actions. These core values in time manifest themselves in decisions that shape and define both leaders and institutions. At Weatherford College, we desire to do more than simply produce students who earn college degrees and certificates. In addition to earning their requisite academic and employment credentials, we desire to produce citizens who have the capacity to both act with integrity and to make meaningful contributions to our great community. Simply put, we desire to produce the kinds of people that employers want as employees and that community members want as their neighbors.

I am therefore proud to announce the launch of a Presidential Core Value Initiative built around the core values of faith, hope, and love. I have faith in our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community. I have hope that our shared future can be even brighter than our distinguished past. Additionally, I seek to grow the collective love of our community and our institution. Our love can become a deep love that will permeate every facet of our organizational culture and positively influence each of our students. 

To commemorate the Presidential Core Value Initiative, I have minted coins inscribed with the core values of faith, hope, and love. I intend to award core value coins to individuals who demonstrate significant actions of faith, hope, and love. Longtime Weatherford residents Sue Coody and Bob Glenn were among the first recipients of Presidential Core Value coins. I will seek out additional students, stakeholders, and community members who demonstrate exceptional actions of faith, hope, and love. Through the Presidential Core Value Initiative, desirable values will be appropriately recognized and reinforced.

Weatherford College will do more than produce students with degrees or certificates. We will produce graduates who possess the solid work ethic and the core values that will make them both strong employees and dynamic citizens.

Hellen Keller said, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” I have faith in you, our people. I have faith in America, and in our great state of Texas. That faith leads me to the hope that the next 150 years of Weatherford College history will be even greater than our distinguished past. I have hope that this year will be even better than last. I have hope that we will collectively embrace our caring culture, and that hope and love will increasing flow from our hearts throughout our great community.

This year, I ask you to join me and to embrace faith, hope, and love like never before. I ask you to love one another, our community, and our incredible institution like never before. This year, I ask you to personify the core values of faith, hope, and love like never before. Together, we will create an even brighter future for this noble institution and this fantastic community that we call home!

Tod Allen Farmer
President, Weatherford College