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Phone scam targeting WC students

Phone scam targeting WC students

Weatherford College students are being warned of a potential scam targeting their financial information.

A female WC student called the Weatherford campus Thursday morning concerned about a phone call she had received. The unidentified caller informed the student they were being awarded a WC scholarship and they needed her credit card information to confirm her identity. Caller ID showed a Houston area phone number.

The student, who is not a scholarship recipient, declined to provide her personal information, and following the conversation she called the WC Financial Aid Department directly.

College administration has researched this call and has determined it to be a scam.

“A scam targeting students like this has not happened before, to our knowledge,” said Kathy Bassham, Executive Dean of Student Services. “Weatherford College will never ask for this type of information, especially in an unsolicited call. Please, don’t give out your personal information over the phone.”

Students with questions may call 817-598-6284.